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BlueHost currently has a sale on all of their web hosting plans including their WordPress optimized hosting plans.

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Hosting over 2 million websites BlueHost is one of the biggest web hosting companies in North America.  BlueHost was founded in 2003 and continue to grow as they provide affordable hosting with great support.  Though their head office is in the United States, BlueHost does have thousands of customers in Canada.  If you’re looking for a simple and easy to use hosting plan then BlueHost is your best choice simply because they are experienced and provide 24/7 support.

BlueHost now offers Canadians the ability to pay in Canadian dollars!

The one thing that separate BlueHost from other hosts is that they are the official partner of WordPress the popular blogging software.

BlueHost Review – Plans and Pricing

BlueHost WordPress Hosting Review:

WordPress is the backend for close to 20% of the websites you see on the Internet and BlueHost has partnered with the WordPress team to design WordPress Hosting plans.

BlueHost is actually listed on the WordPress website as a recommended hosting company which is important to mention as WordPress only lists two other recommended hosts on their website.

The BlueHost WordPress Hosting plan starts at $12.49/month however you can also install WordPress on their cheapest shared hosting plan which comes to $3.95/month.  On this cheap hosting plan you can host 1 website with 100GB of space.  You also get a free domain name on this plan.

Their WordPress plan is what we tested and it has a few advantages over your standard host.  Their database servers are specifically optimized for WordPress websites.  You get access to their content delivery network which means that your website will load from the closest server to the end users location.  As an example if you have a visitor who lives in Dallas, Texas then your website will load for them from the servers BlueHost has in Dallas.

BlueHost like many other hosts also offers a free one click installer for WordPress.  Their security for WordPress is what separate them from other hosts, they have tons of security measures including firewalls and login brute force detection to help protect your WordPress website.

Performance and Reliability

BlueHost has lots of positive reviews and generally with a company with so many customers operating for so many years you’d expect to see a lot more negative reviews.  They do offer unlimited hosting just like most hosting companies but we know their is always a limit.  That’s why we believe BlueHost offers multiple shared hosting plans with the key difference being performance.

Based on our BlueHost review we think their shared hosting plans can handle a website with 10,000 visitors without a slowdown.  Anything above this and you may notice things start to lag and you’ll need to look at other options.

BlueHost offers a separate WordPress Hosting plan as mentioned above and this is where their performance grade goes up.  It seems that BlueHost has invested in their hardware for WordPress websites as we noticed a significant difference on their ‘WordPress Optimized’ hosting plans.

If you are looking for WordPress hosting then for the price BlueHost is your best option.  The fact that they offer a free CDN with their WordPress hosting is reason alone to give it a try.  You’ll notice a speed upgrade and so will your visitors.

BlueHost Customer Support

BlueHost offer phone support, ticket support and Live Chat 24/7 so you can reach someone at any time.  Their phone support was top notch, we got a support rep on the phone in under 2 minutes.  He answered all of our questions and even provided links to some useful documentation and video tutorials.  BlueHost does encourage users to submit support tickets as it allows them to document issues so you can always go back and look at your conversation.  Most people are not a fan of submitting support tickets as they think their issue won’t be looked at right away but we found this method to be just fine.  We had a response from a BlueHost tech within 15 minutes.

We also tried BlueHost live chat and it was useful for basic sales and support questions but for anything technical a phone call or ticket is required.  After reading our visitors feedback on BlueHost we found that overall your experiences were positive and nothing negative really stood out.

One thing we liked with BlueHost was their knowledge of WordPress and their ability to troubleshoot issues with WordPress.  Since they are a recommended WordPress provider their staff seems to be well educated with WordPress and this is a big advantage over other hosts.  If you use WordPress then you’ll find the BlueHost team knows the ins and outs of the open-source software and can help you with issues that other providers may not be able to.

BlueHost Control Panel and WordPress Features

BlueHost uses cPanel and WHM as their user-end control panels.  If you’re familiar with cPanel then you’ll feel right at home at BlueHost.  Their cPanel is slightly customized but in a positive way as they have icons and options laid out in a clean and easy to use fashion.  You can create email addresses, check your website stats, upload and manage your website and also create FTP account using cPanel.

BlueHost offers a simple WordPress installer so you don’t need any technical knowledge to install WordPress.

BlueHost offer a single login page whereas with other providers you need a separate login for their client area and cPanel.  One login page allows you to manage your services with them as well as access the cPanel so you don’t need to remember multiple passwords.  This is a great idea we wish more hosting companies followed.  As soon as you login to the BlueHost control panel you are asked if you need help and for newbies this is a great way to get familiar with their control panel.

Lastly, BlueHost offers an upgrade option directly in the control panel.  If you want to change to a bigger plan you can do so directly from within the control panel with a few clicks.  This just makes life easier when you need to upgrade.  Overall the BlueHost cPanel is really nicely laid out and provides a ton of options and features to manage your hosting plan.  One of the best control panels we’ve come across.


  • Official WordPress Partner
  • Fast support via phone, tickets and chat
  • Best control panel we’ve seen
  • Bill in Canadian dollars

  • Fee to have them move your website to them
  • Introductory price is not locked in

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